3 Mad Magazine Paperback Books 1970s RAVING MAD; MAD ABOUT MAD; DAVE BERG


This is a lot of 3 Mad Magazine paperback books, published by Signet in the 1970's.

The lot includes:

- "Raving Mad" by William M. Gaines, edited by Albert B. Feldstein. First printing, 1966. Published by Signet.

- "Mad's Dave Berg Looks At Things" written and illustrated by Dave Berg, edited by Albert B. Feldstein. First printing, 1967. Published by Signet.

- "Mad About Mad!" by Sergio Aragones, edited by Albert B Feldstein. This book is in its 12th printing, and the first was in 1970. Published by Signet.

This lot of books comes to you in good pre-owned condition. All have some foxing at the corners, yellowing of the pages, shelf rub, and some dings, creases, and small tears on the covers. The bindings are tight, and while there are creases on the spines, it doesn't look like any of the spines have been cracked.  

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